FABBEU Blue Light Cream, becomes new necessity for maintaining skin health in the digital lifestyle

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], December 7: The flagship product focuses on shielding users’ skin from the harmful effects of the blue light and has become new essential of today’s daily wellness and to protect your skin health from harmful blue rays.

FABBEU, India’s first Gen-Z skincare brand, disrupts the skincare industry by launching its star product – Blue Light Protection Cream. The product is designed to protect the skin of the users from the negative effects of blue light and digital pollution. 

FABBEU is a startup that specifically caters to the Gen-Z audience and their skincare needs. Founded by Ankiit Khemka, 23 (MBA graduate from NMIMS Mumbai) and Bhavana Khemka, 21 (a B. Pharma student from NMIMS Mumbai), FABBEU blends technology with skincare to offer young consumers products that best suit them. The brand makes use of AI-based skin analysis to assess the skin type of customers and recommends products that are ideal for them. 

With the launch of Blue Light Protection Cream, FABBEU has entered a territory that no other Gen-Z brand has ventured into.

So, what is blue light? Technically speaking, blue light is a spectrum of light having a wavelength of 400 to 510 nm. It is a new form of indoor pollution that harms the skin and the eyes of individuals on prolonged exposure. Blue light has the shortest wavelength throughout the spectrum of visible light, making it extremely harmful for humans. 

There are multiple sources that emit blue light. However, not all sources are harmful to humans. Natural blue light sources like the sun do not have any negative impact on individuals. However, when it comes to artificial sources such as neon lighting devices and LED lights, the risk levels are high.

Of all the artificial sources emitting blue light, digital screens are the worst. Used by millions of individuals on a daily basis, digital screens have a tendency to cause maximum damage due to blue light emissions. We live in the age of digitization, and it is practically impossible for teenagers and young adults to stay away from digital screens. With the trends of working remote, online classrooms, and hybrid workplaces gaining prominence, people around the world spend several hours in front of screens on a daily basis.

Due to prolonged exposure to blue light, your skin may encounter a range of different issues. Blue light makes your skin vulnerable, leading to faster aging, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and several other damages. The last thing the Gen-Z audience wants is to get their skin affected. 

The Skincare Revolution By FABBEU Blue Light Protection Cream In order to help the Gen-Z and Millennial audience shield their skin from blue light, FABBEU has launched Blue Light Protection Cream, the hero product of the brand. The innovative offering adds a protective layer to your skin to prevent it from getting affected by harmful radiations.

To keep their skin protected and nourished, all one needs to do is take a small portion of FABBEU’s Blue Light Protection Cream and apply it before using any electronic devices in an upward and spiral motion on their skin. The brand ensures that the Gen-Z consumers are not required to spend more than a couple of minutes to guard their skin against the harmful blue light. 

Moreover, while all other skincare products offered by FABBEU are suited for a specific skin type (oily, dry, and normal), Blue Light Protection Cream is suited for all skin types. To provide wholesome care to the user’s skin, the brand has kept its signature product 100% vegan and free from elements like mineral oil, paraben, and silicone. 

Apart from protecting your skin from the blue light, Blue Light Protection Cream nourishes it and provides it with a natural glow. With an ideal combination of skin protection and care, the flagship FABBEU product is a complete package. 

“Blue Light Protection is the new necessity for consumers to add in their daily skincare routine” says, Ankiit Khemka, Co-Founder at FABBEU.

To ensure its efficacy and safety, Blue Light Protection Cream has been passed through multiple lab tests. The dermatologically tested product has also been attested as a non-irritant for people of all skin types. The visionary product has been applied for Indian Patent too, adding to the exclusivity of the product. 

By launching Blue Light Protection Cream, FABBEU has made Gen-Z and Millennials aware of a lesser-known form of pollution and provided the generation with an elixir for the same!

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