Actor Kamal Digiya is keen to explore more avenues in the future and looking forward to produce more songs and web- series

March 5: There is tremendous competition in the imports and exports industry in India but for the people who are dedicated and focused on their goals, there is a lot of scope as well. Meet Kamal Digiya, Kamal is a seasoned importer of goods who specializes in premium alcohol. The import mogul works with various brands and brings the best of western alcohol to India and also has a wholesale distribution company that serves clients across the Indian subcontinent. We asked Kamal to share some tips for people who want to start their careers in the import business and he shares.

Kamal is primarily an importer of alcohol from various countries around the world and also has a wholesale distribution network Pan-India. He is also an enthusiast of music and cinema and has produced various music videos, songs, web shows etc.

Starting off, Kamal shares, “In order to import a product from another country, you must first decide if your business is ready for the challenge of dealing with foreign suppliers. If you have never imported before and are unsure of your ability to manage the process, it’s advisable to hire a consultant. This will allow you to focus on the components of your business that make you the money while an expert handles the logistics of importing.”
“To anyone who wants to dip their hands in the import industry, it is a tough business. You need to educate yourself thoroughly on the laws not only regarding imports but also for the products that you plan to bring to India. Getting an import/export license would be your next step and then you can work with some import companies to gain practical experience before you can start off on your own. You also need to have strong communication skills and people skills because a lot of times your interactions with clients or even potential clients will happen virtually and you need to be able to win them over.” Apart from being an importer, Kamal is also a major investor in the entertainment industry and has funded various projects from movies to web series, songs and even music videos.

Publicist: Brand Box Digital Media