“Artiste Domain is Inspired by Our Musical Journey,” says founder Jonas Monteiro

June 10: Artiste Domain is an event management company based out of Banglore. Artiste Domain provides various services like handling curations, artist bookings, programming, artist management, promotions, event handling, etc. and brings you a conversation with Jonas Monteiro, co-founder of Artiste Domain. Since his childhood, Jonas Monteiro has been passionate about music and pursued it as a hobby; after that, he soon changed it to his profession. He took a break from music to give time to his studies and complete his Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. A music enthusiast, a DJ, an entrepreneur, Playback Singer, Music Composer, Lyricist, Musician, Psychologist, Social Media Strategist and an Author. As a DJ, he has worked and supported various artists such as Jay Sean, Romeo Blanco, Atliens, and Ritviz.

Here is a glimpse of the conversation our team had with Jonas Monteiro.

Q: Please share how did your journey begin?

A: My journey began as a child. Listening and then repeating those lines. This continued till my Master’s degree was when I took a break to focus on my studies, but as soon as I finished my studies, I realised that there was something amiss. And then— I gave a try to my dream, my passion for music, and I took baby steps. I started performing at restaurants, pubs and other gatherings in cities like Goa and Banglore.

Q: Where did you meet your co-founder, and how did your entrepreneurial journey begin?

A: As you know, Artiste Domain is co-founded by my friend, Harsh and me. I met Harsh years after I started performing live for an audience, and our visions were the same when we interacted. We vibed. Our entrepreneurial journey is inspired by the days we started our musical careers. We started as newbies, and let me be honest; finding gigs isn’t easy. I struggled hard to get one of these. But fortunately, during that phase of my life, I had my job as a psychologist in a startup. That was when I thought that I had to create opportunities for myself. I didn’t want to be dependent on anyone.

A similar thought was in Harsh’s mind, and we kickstarted Artiste Domain.

Q: What is Artiste Domain?

A: Artiste Domain is a platform that provides opportunities to new faces of the industry and talented people who need a stage to showcase their talent. Working with smaller artists, supporting and helping them in whatever way, has made Artiste Domain reach the level we have today. We were overwhelmed when we received the support of the people and the love they showered on us. Artiste Domain also manages things like; Bangalore handling curation, artist bookings, programming, artist management, and promotions in the events and nightlife industry. We have been active in this field since 2019, and since then, we’ve worked with various celebrities and artists like Romeo Blanco, Hozho, Highlight Tribe, Nusha, Stan Kolev, Zaeden, Nucleya and many more.

Q: As a founder, is your motivation behind Artiste Domain?

A: I work for myself; this company’s foundation is the hard work put in by Harsh and me. We want

Artiste Domain will reach new heights and be a leading global firm in the nightlife and event industry. This motivates both of us. My years of experience in this field have taught me something new daily. At times it has also reminded me of basic principles of life.

Q: What is the mission or aim of Artiste Domain?

A: Artiste Domain aims to have a substantial list of IPs that Artiste Domain will be known for. We believe in providing experience with quality, so we go the extra mile to make it happen. Our team makes sure that our services are the best and satisfy the customers. Along with a few other companies, we run IPs such as Darkroom for Minimal Techno, Cocktail Karnival and Time Machine for Hip-Hop, Retro and Commercial dance music, and the list continues.

We also dream of working with some of the artists we look up such as Carl Cox, Ed Sheeran, Drake etc. We have a long way to go, but hopefully, we will get there with our dedication.

Q: What are your plans for Artiste Domain?

A: Currently, Harsh and I are working on a few more IPs and trying to get a team to execute them as soon as possible. We want Artiste Domain to ring in the years of every person in the events industry from every corner of the world and become not only India’s leading event management company but a globally recognised and leading event management firm.

This was a conversation with Jonas Monteiro, where he shared his experience and insights about his journey.

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