Journey of Saajan Joshi, Owner of Arrow Official Music

Dehradun, December 13: Saajan Joshi is a professional singer who comes from Dehradun India. The singer is popular and known for his multi-talented vocals which make him different from other singers in the industry. Saajn Joshi has performed in some albums and songs and can sing well in different genres. The singer is an Indian rapper and singer. The singer is an independent artist and can also compose and sing his songs. “Aankhon me teri ” and “Apsara” albums are sung and directed by Saajan Joshi from arrow official music. 

The singer started his career in music in the year 2017. He sings really well and his voice has amazed many people. Due to his best singing and rapping performances he was featured in MTv Instagram for MTv hustle in the year 2022. The singer owns a music page at Instagram named arrow official music. By appearing and competing in MTv Hustle the singer gained a lot of popularity and his music album started releasing after it. 

Early Life and Family

Saajan Joshi comes from a middle class family in Dehradun, India. He completed his schooling from Madhya Pradesh, India. The singer is very young in the field of music and was born in the year 6 July 1993. He had high goals and dreams from the very start and always had the dream of growing in the field of music industry. His career gained the high jump in the year 2017 and people started to recognize him after this. He is Arrow Official music, mastered in the field of lyricist, singing, and rapping. 

About His Music and Work

Saajan Joshi loves to do Rnb music and Soul music. Rnb music means rhythm and blues which is frequently abbreviated as R&b music too. The genre of the music was popularly originated in African- American communities and is very similar to rapping. This music combines jazz, gospel and blues influences. 

Soul music is a kind of pop music which incorporates the element of rhythm and blues of gospel which was originally performed by black Americans in late 20s. 

Saajan Joshi usually writes and composes the song which is about the experience of pain and struggle in his career and life. Saajan Joshi’s famous music album was recently released which is “Aahkhonmeinteri” and “Apsara”. This music album is directed and composed by Saajan Joshi and he is the main actor and singer in the album. 

Saajan Joshi has composed the songs in different ways through his art and music. He is now working on his own albums to get more views on his page. He has started his career as composer but now is also putting his words forward through singing and rapping in the albums and music. He calls himself a perfectionist in lyricism and rapping. 

Hobbies of Saajan Joshi

Saajan Joshi loves to travel and this is one of his favorite kinds of hobbies. He traveled a lot in India and also traveled out of India in many different cities and countries. He recently went to Dubai and enjoyed a lot there with his friends. Through his stories on instagram it is clearly visible how much Saajan Joshi loves to travel. His joy and experience is clearly seen through the videos on his Instagram page. 

Saajan Joshi’s other hobby includes dancing. Yes, you heard it right, though Saajan Joshi is making his career in Singing but he also loves to dance as well. He enjoys dancing and in his many performances and albums you can easily see and spot Saajan Joshi dancing along with singing for the best experience of music. He loves and adores music, one can easily see and understand through his dance and expressions while rapping and singing. 

Saajan Joshi Pet

Saajan Joshi has a dog- Bonzo as his pet which he still misses in his life. He is an animal lover and he loves his dog and still posts a few stories while missing him. Binzo died in 2020 and left a remarkable place and love in Saajan Joshi’s life. The singer says that no one can ever replace the place of his dog- Bonzo in his heart as his dog was very special to him. The dog- Bonzo was a breed of labrador and was golden brown in color. The singer says that he had joyful and unexplainable memories with his pet which he can never ever forget.

Official name of Saajan Joshi

Like any other singer and actor actresses in Bollywood. Saagan Joshi has also changed his name to enter the Bollywood industry as a singer. His official name in his career field is Arrow official music. He has an Instagram page also with this name and updates the page with daily and important events in his life. All the music’s composed by Saajan Joshi are featured by the page and his channel named Arrow official Music. 

Saajan Joshi’s Idol

Saajan Joshi loves singer- Raftaar for his work and he really respects him for his work and rap he has contributed to the Bollywood industry. He wants to become as competitive and hard working in his life and career as his idol- Raftaar. Raftaar is a rapper and was also one of the judges in Mtv hustle. By participating in Mtv hustle, Saajan Joshi got a chance to meet Raftaar and it was one of his best captured moments. After this meet his career made a boost in the music and rapping industry and it made him more and more famous eventually. 

Religious beliefs of Saajan Joshi

Saajan Joshi was born in a Hindu family and believes and follows Hindu religion. He praises and loves Lord Shiva. He praises Lord Shiva more than any other god. He is a devotee of Lord Shiva and has written many rap songs too for Lord Shiva which is displayed and can be seen in his Instagram account and YouTube channel.

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