Sai Seva Sansthan Trust to honour Social Entrepreneurs and Covid Warriors

New Delhi (India), November 15: Unexpected journeys often lead to adventures beyond our wildest dreams. ”This quote perfectly encapsulates our ongoing journeys in Sai Seva Sansthan Trust. As per Sharad Singh, Founder and President of Sai Seva Sansthan Trust, when I started my journey as a social entrepreneur, it was not my first choice career. However, my unplanned choice has proven to be gratifying beyond measure. It was an unconventional yet momentous start to a new and exciting World of Social entrepreneurship, which I continue to explore over the years. I bear witness to the revolutionary changes that have happened in this field over the past one decade.

Trust’s secy and founder Nikhil Singh, who is not new to the World of Entrepreneurship affirmed, in my initial years of Social entrepreneurship, I was confined to providing and managing food and shelter to the needy section of the society, But after the launch of the trust, we have a plethora of newer ideas. Nikhil consistently strives to make pivotal transformations to the social entrepreneurship sector. With 5 strong years behind him, his peers vouch for his intelligence, integrity and his strong will. The man with a golden heart, as he is popularly known, Nikhil Singh is also at the forefront when it comes to the social well-being of society. Nikhil aims to create a 100-bed hospital and 3 primary schools in Delhi and UP. Nikhil has always believed in helping out the community at every stage of his career as a social entrepreneur. Even as the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country, the trust stood strong and ensured food for more than 2000 migrants. From Helping those to stock up on groceries to ensuring people went back safely to their hometowns and to creating awareness for the massive vaccination drive for immigrant workers.

Sai Seva Sansthan Trust made sure everyone around them was being taken care of. During the lockdown, Sai Seva Trust members took it personally upon themselves to help stranded labourers and migrant workers. Sai Seva Sansthan Trust made provisions for meals and stay for migrant workers helping them to stay back during the lockdown period. The trust members distributed food packets per person daily to the needy and poor in and around during that period. Sai Seva Sansthan Trustees have realised that it is not only them, but many other Covid warriors too have contributed during the tough times of lockdown, and now it’s high time to honour such warriors. The first-ever Sai Seva Sansthan Trust Social Service Awards will take place in the month of January 2022. The awards will be given by top celebrities, journalists and politicians.

Sai Seva Sansthan Trust President Sharad Singh said, “Sai Seva Sansthan Trust recognizes these social entrepreneurs and warriors for the outstanding performance and contribution to the society; we want to encourage them by conferring awards to motivate and encourage them. As per Secy Nikhil Singh, This is the opportunity that can bring together Doctors, teachers, Journalists and other sectors where all can share and celebrate the business and brands that work towards positioning India as the top Nation in The World. The Social Service awards provide participants with complete transparency during the judging process, and the only emphasis is merit-based awards. Further, as the number of participants grows, it also paves the way for a highly resourceful business and social community to be built comprising business professionals from diverse sectors. Additionally, the Sai Seva Sansthan trust Social Service Awards provide an opportunity for participants to attain branding and exposure in multiple pre and post events.